1997 (Quebec, Canada)

Chair's Summary Report
The Regulation of Natural Monopolies (United States department of Justice)
The Regulation of Natural monopolies (Hong Kong)
Japanese Deregulation Efforts from the Viewpoint of Competition Policy
APEC Workshop on Competition Policy and Deregulation Timetable (revised)
International training Program on Competition Policy
APEC PFP seminar on Competition Policy, Bangkok, Thailand, 18-21 March 1997
Best Practives Guideline for IAPs: United States Discussion Paper New Zealand
Approaches to Deregulation - The Case of Chinese Taipei
The Interrelationship between Trade Liberalization, Industry Deregulation and Competition Policy Reform
The Reform of Occupational Regulation in Australia
Report on APEC Workshop on Competition Policy and Deregulation, Quebec City, 18-19 May 1997
IAPs: Workshop Competition Policy and Deregulation
Elements on an Effective Competition Law Presentation Summary
Progress Report on APEC Competition Policy and Law Database
PECC Comments on Competition Policy Area of MAPA

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