1998 (Kuantan, Pahang)

Chair's Summary Report
Agenda & Programme
Exemptions and Exceptions to Australia's Competition Laws and Policies
Approaches to Enforcement of Competition Law and Policy: The Japanese Experience
Approaches to Enforcement of Competition Law and Policy: Submission of the United States
Competition Policy in Developing Economies: the Case of Mexico
Second APEC/PFP Training Program on Competition Policy
Exemptions and Exceptions to Competition Policy and Law by Chinese Taipei
APEC Regulatory Reform Symposium; Chair's Summary
Ensuring High Quality Regulation
Role of Regulatory Reform/Deregulation: the private Sector as Main Participant in the Deregulation Process
Regulatory Reform in Korea
Revising Regulation and Deregulation through the Lens of Competition Policy: Getting the Balance Right
Keynote Speech to the APEC Regulatory Symposium by Deputy Secretary of Commerce, New Zealand.
The Professions and Competition Policy and Law
Globalization and the Regulatory Environment
Globalization and the Regulatory Environment
Occupational Regulation
The Interrelationship between competition policy and regulation
Competition Policy/Law and Developing Economies
Debrief of the 1997 international Training Programs on Competition Policy
Progress Report on the Establishment of APEC Competition Policy and Law Database
Regulating International Financial Services
PECC Presentation on Competition Principles

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