2004(Pucón, Chile)

Competition Policy and Deregulation Group (27 May 2004)
Convenor's Summary Report
Report on Projects Related to Competition on Deregulation:”APEC Training Program on Competition Policy”(Japan
Summary Reports on the Updated APEC Competition Policy and Law Database(Chinese Taipei)
Implementing APEC Leaders' Transparency Standards(USA)
Report of the Seminar on Best Practice in the Enforcement of Competition Policy(Australia)
Report to the CPDG on Proceedings of the Pucon Workshop
Training Program to Promote Economic Competition in APEC Economies(Mexico)
Seminar on Best Practices in the Enforcement of Competition Policy (26 May 2004)
Putting Competition Law and Policy into Practice(Australia)
Cartel Investigation and Enforcement(USA)
Transparency and Due Process in Antitrust Procedures(Peru)
Enforcement of Business Regulation and Commercial Laws in the APEC Region(Australia)
The Role of an Enforcement Agency in Enforcing Competition Laws(Korea)
Best Practice in the Enforcement of Competition Policy(Australia)
Federal Competition Commission, Mexico
Education and Advocacy:Creating a Culture of Competition(Chile)
The Role of a Sectoral Regulator:Case of Indonesia in Telecommunications Sector(Indonesia)

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